Online Zendo

“Alles was Euch begegnet ist Euer Leben.”

Eihei Dōgen Zenji

Das Kanzeon Zen Zentrum Düsseldorf lädt zum Zoom Meeting

Zazen im Online Zendo


Sonntag, den 17. Januar 2021 um 18:00 Uhr ein

Meeting ID: 871 2211 4992
Passcode: 617632 

Bewegtes Leben – Ruhiger Geist. 

Wir treffen uns zum Online-Zazen: Wir werden gemeinsam zeitgleich sitzen – aber jeder bei sich zuhause. Geplant sind 3 Zazenperioden mit zwei kurzen Pausen zum Aufstehen. In der Pause kann jeder sich dehnen und strecken oder auf- und abgehen oder…

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Einladung zu einer
5 Tage Online-Konferenz
mit Genpo Roshi
ab Montag, 8. Juni 2020


5-Day Retreat – The Eightfold Path – Zoom Video Conference

5-Day – Masters & Mensches – Zoom Video Conference

Event Details


Masters & Mensches*

Starting Monday June 8, Genpo Roshi will begin fulfilling a long-held dream of recounting and recording his memories of encounters with some of the extraordinary teachers and mentors, now deceased, he has met in his half century of Zen practice.

Though colorful and of historical interest, Roshi treasures these memories especially for how they have shaped and deepened his life and his teaching — to be shared in the great tradition of Zen storytelling, and ‘juiced’ as modern-day, living koans.

You are cordially invited to join Roshi for this first series of stories and reflections – on a dana donation basis — and perhaps to assist in transcribing them from audio recordings for future publication.

* In Yiddish (from the German word mensch = human being) a mensch is “a person of integrity and honor,” “someone to admire and emulate, someone of noble character.”

Monday June 8 — Friday June 12  •  10:00 am — 12:00 pm (Mountain Time)

Open to all with registration.
Audio recordings of each day’s events will be available to registrants.

Suggested donation: Dana
In Buddhist teachings, Dana (Sanskrit for giving, generosity) is the first of the paramitas (virtues, perfections) to be cultivated and practiced by all human beings.  We are asking that you donate whatever amount accords with both your capacity to give and the value you place on this opportunity to receive the teachings.

For more information, please contact Mary Ellen by email.

Register online:  Click here for registration form.

If you have questions about registering, contact Ivis by email, or phone 801-328-8414.

All donations to Big Mind, Inc. are tax-deductible and non-refundable.

Einladung zur täglichen
Online Praxis
Zenriver Tempel, Holland

COVID 19: By following the official guidelines and for the safety of Zen River members, guests, and residents, the daily programme of zazen and services and sesshins will be live-streamed over the internet until April 28, 2020. Everyone is very welcome to participate in our Daily Practice on YouTube
In the meantime, please take good care of yourself and loved ones.

May 21–26
(Thurs – Tues)
Falling Flowers Sesshin (live stream?)

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